Stylish Aluminium Windows and Doors for Every South African Owner. 

Steel-SA offers a range of Aluminium Windows and Doors to suite all customers needs, with over 10 years experience and support.

Steel-SA are renowned for their impeccable finishes and incredibly long lasting and robust aluminium windows. You can be sure of superb quality and performance with their complete range.

These high quality windows come in an array of styles, including casement windows and tilt and turn windows, meaning that you have a great choice when it comes to new aluminium windows. Not only that, but the aluminium profile can be coated in any one of over 50 colors, so you can customize your double glazed windows to suit your tastes and your home.

Designed with exceptional performance in mind, our aluminium windows provide outstanding protection from the weather. No matter how harsh the Southern African weather, your home will be dry and drought free.

Residential Aluminium

Commercial Aluminium



High Security

The complete range of aluminium windows that we offer come with Secured By Design accreditation, so you can be confident that your home is completely protected. This police preferred specification is only awarded to double glazing products that have withstood intense and prolonged physical attacks in testing.

Energy Efficient

The beauty of the aluminium profile is that when it is coupled with double glazing, it creates a supremely energy efficient performance. No matter how cold the day is, your home will be warm and comfortable, as these windows minimize heat loss while not allowing the cold to penetrate. They could even lower your energy bills!

Slimline Frames

Our range of aluminium windows from Steel-SA are created using slimline frames that enable you to make the most of the glazed area. You will have better views with these incredible windows, however, the inherent strength of the aluminium material is not affected, so these windows remain incredibly strong.

5 Year Guarantee

Our aluminium windows will give you peace of mind. They come with a 5 year fully insured guarantee, meaning that you can be confident in their impressive durability. They will never warp, rot or fade and require minimal maintenance to keep them at the peak of their performance, so you will have many years of quality service.